These are my services

Services to foreign Agents

The first and most important step is to establish communication directly with agents abroad. When we set up an appointment with you, we are ready to provide all the necessary information to help you make well informed decisions. Communication is a plus for us and we know that your time is precious. During our PowerPoint presentation to the agents, we review their questions to ensure together we take all the right steps to open a new market full of opportunities FOR YOU.

We provide an overview of current international market conditions and projections. We encourage agents to review our blog, news, podcast, political influences and all the information on our website.

We know how important it is to keep our reciprocal interest afloat. Investing into a future client takes time and money and we are here to support you with the best decision. Feel free to review our credentials and accomplishments in the market.

Marketing the property

Our social media campaigns, marketing strategies, and current market conditions allow us to have a better presence within the market. We discuss your goals and we review opportunities that are most effective. In the US we submit properties from other countries through the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) - a link to one of the most important marketing websites used nationwide. On our end we create marketing campaigns to keep ourselves present. Based on professional judgment and interpretation, we take action at the right time, in the right place.

One of the most important steps that we have in marketing your property in the US is to constantly bring new sources into our website and all the links that are impacted by the portal MLS. There’s a lot we do behind the scenes and we’d like to have you be a part of it! We have the availability to work on weekends and make sure that realtors are up to date with their client’s process. Some of the best decisions in our lives are taken at the last second. We screen buyers to create a better outcome. As a seller, we want to make sure that you are protected from curious seekers.

The role that an international realtor has between countries is crucial. We will review and explain all clauses in agreements, MLS data form, referral forms, current company's profile and position or "niche" in the marketplace.

Services to a Seller

All the information that we received from you as a broker and/or realtor on your client’s behalf is 100% secured. We encourage the sellers to work with a realtor in their country, however if you decide to work with us directly we will disc1uss your alternatives and options. We cannot legally have an exclusive agency from any property except from the US. What needs to be published in regards to the property is discussed in advance, of course. As a US agent, we can input all material pertinent to your property on the MLS system. Everything from videos and photos, to flyers, house plans (if applicable), etc. for free!

It is important for buyers to feel comfortable knowing that they are receiving the most accurate information on the property. To maintain credibility between buyer(s) and seller(s), we will encourage agents from all over the world to bring the best quality of marketing materials that we can present on the MLS website so that you can be on the top list of buyers.

Services to a Buyer

What happens when you’re interested in a property in another country? The National Association of Realtors allows certified international realtors to become mediators during the transaction. This is an important point to take in consideration. The US realtors will always be serving as a mediator. We have the responsibility to provide you with all the relevant information during the process. Within the real estate process we show you the differences between national and internationals laws, what to expect and what not to expect.

Whether you are considering buying commercial or residential investments, to short term or long term housing, it’s our job to guide you along the way. In Mexico for example, loans have life insurance attached to the property. If an owner passes away, and assuming the property is paid in full, this avoids foreclosure or repositions. It allows the market to maintain a stable homeownership in the neighborhoods. Loans require a minimum of 20% - 40% of the purchasing price, versus in the US it can be as low as 3.5%. The financial institutions in Mexico are much more precautious and buyers understand their limitations. American buyers are used to obtaining loans with little to no money. There are a considerable amount of homeowners who buy their properties in cash every year. At the end of the day the best investment that you take is in the location you buy.

Real Estate practices in different countries

Real estate practices vary from country to country. As a CIPS (Certified International Professional Specialist), we take pride on our education and practices. We educate ourselves to have a better understanding on the laws and regulations that apply to several other countries. In most of the countries you are allowed to own a property without being a resident of that country. Some might even let you become a citizen when you invest a specific amount of money.

Global business opportunities are within all local markets and points to the resources needed to pursue it. It’s essential to be aware of the globalization in economies as well as international capital flow. Also taking into consideration currency exchange on transactions, basic principles and trends in international investment, can really help deciding factors within cross-cultural relationships. Day by day we are working closely with brokers and/or agents, lawyers and notaries from other countries to ensure a successful outcome.

Services to Investors

All the investors always keep the difference between wants and needs. Some investors try to beat the market while others try to achieve a financial goal or perhaps both. Education and disclosure of the market itself will allow an investor to create a valuable portfolio.

We understand that in order to obtain maximum growth with a pool of money that allows you to enjoy life and equity-like returns without volatility, you will need valuable information on real estate. We work with financial advisories that can help you in the Americas and the European Continent. Real estate is a valuable asset; the difference between one property and another is the dynamics of the market that enhance it. When we work with another agent/lawyer or real estate advisor from other countries, we anticipate efficiencies of markets, quantitative strategies and so forth.

Last year international buyers spent $251 billion on US residential properties; the price of homes purchased by international buyers was over $66k more that the median price of all US existing home sales last year.

The impact of inflows worldwide is crucial for the economy of countries. In 2019, we totaled with $1.39 trillion, slightly less than a revised $1.41 trillion on 2018. Flows are still moderate during 2020.

The offer and contract

A frequent question that we get from our buyers and sellers is how we organize and delegate responsibilities during a contract/offer. The dynamic between countries vary, therefore some steps will be different than the US. We will lead you from the beginning to the end of the transaction. By the time you have decided to submit an offer on a property in another country, we will have your next steps ready to go. In some countries we will work with lawyers, in other countries real estate advisors. We ask for comparisons, we balance the pros and cons with you and consult with your financial advisor if applicable.

Track progress of Sale

Keeping track of what is happening in the transaction is crucial. All the parties that are involved – lenders, buyers, sellers, realtors, lawyers, title companies, notaries, appraisals, inspections, etc. – are in constant communication to ensure a clear outcome. We are here to serve and provide the most recent information during your transaction. Keep in mind that some transactions in some countries take longer to process than others. For instance, Mexico can take up to 2 months to close the transaction. In December the notary offices are normally closed from December 15 to January 15. In Europe, some close in the summer. No matter the day of the year, we make sure you are informed through every move.

Questions after closing

After the transaction is closed, there could be some remaining documentation to be submitted to the city. Other minor requirements, depending on the country, could be homeowner’s exceptions, claim taxes, or a possible reduction on property taxes. Frequent questions are important for our growth and we welcome your feedback.